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About Us

Created for school communities, with school communities, our mission is to promote and elevate Wellbeing in Education through:

  1. High-quality, engaging learning opportunities
  2. Meaningful connection and collaboration
  3. Manageable and measurable implementation 

Our values and how we live them:

  • Well Ed is about WE-power and collaboration. We help power and promote sustainable wellbeing in education through connection and collaboration, with opportunities to learn from and with others in a learn-live-teach-embed approach (with emphasis on living it). As one of our pilot participants shared, "I'm a better teacher when I'm collaborating ... it becomes so much better together.
  • Well Ed helps school communities infuse sustainable conditions that enable wellbeing, resilience, and thriving. Wellbeing is in service of learning and teaching - the ripple effect is powerful.
  • Well Ed is grassroots and whole-school community focused. Schools are doing incredible work to prioritize wellbeing. They are also experts in the complexities they face in the process. Well Ed is co-created with schools, for schools. We trust and celebrate the professional capacity of educators and the collective power of a whole school community.
  • Well Ed prioritizes science-backed approaches and ongoing research. Resources and learning experiences are rooted in positive psychology and current wellbeing science. We also support school communities with tools to track the progress and impact of wellbeing interventions (so you know what's working and why).
  • Well Ed practices what it promotes. We strive to create learning and growth experiences that not only talk about wellbeing, but 'walk' it in real-time. 
  • Well Ed is always evolving - we live by a growth and benefit mindset. We love to learn and grow, and want to build the most supportive, impactful community we can. Thanks in advance for co-creating this space with us!

Join the Community

It's been a challenging few years. Let's move forward together. 

Well Ed is building a community of passionate educators, leaders, advocates, and wellbeing science experts committed to infusing sustainable wellbeing practices into school communities. School districts, schools, and individual educators are all welcome to join. 

Please email [email protected] for more information, or if you or your school are interested in joining our next pilot. We would love to co-create the space with you. We look forward to connecting!

In the meantime, check out Teacher Fan Club, our open-access wellbeing podcast and professional learning opportunity for educators and school communities. 

A Big Thanks!

We appreciate you stopping by to learn more about this new and growing community, and for the amazing work you do to support education (we're just assuming ... since you read this far 😉). 

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